Frequently Asked Questions

1What's Purposehood
Purposehood is an app that helps you complete daily selfless acts thus making you a better person.

2Who is it made for?
Purposehood is made for everyone. Whether you plan to do more meditation, or you need to get inspired on doing good deeds, Purposehood is the right app for you.

3How does Purposehood help me be a better person?
You start by stating your purpose or your goal, and by completing daily selfless acts you fill the aura rings until you reach it.

4What are aura rings?
There are five auras to fill by doing selfless acts: Purpose, Mindfulness, Giving, Health, Belonging. Each selfless act you complete fils each aura by a certain amount.

5So can I invite my friends?
Yes. Purposehood is better with friends. Get inspired or inspire others to do selfless acts. Follow and comment on your friends' activity.

6Who can see what I'm doing?
Anyone can follow your activity and encourage you to reach your purpose

7What if I don't reach my purpose?
Purposehood doesn't guarantee you'll reach your higher purpose, but look at the brightside – at least you will do some good deeds.

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